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About Rapport

Thanks for stopping by. Rapport was founded in April, 2022 so we're just getting going - it means a lot to us that you're here.

What are we doing?

We're a small close-knit team of talented individuals who love to empower others through the use of amazing technology.

We're on a mission to improve the outcomes of people involved in 1 to 1 businesses - wherever two people come together to help each other out. Whether that's in improving intellectual capability, physical or mental health or other types of help.

We believe that by providing great technology to both the helper and the helpee we can improve the outcomes of both sides.

So, for the helpers, our ambition is to be an all-in-one product to help with the day-to-day running - we want to make marketing, finance, admin and your client experience better across the board.

For the helpee, our ambition is to provide tools that amaze during your 1-to-1 sessions and that also complement your work in-between.

Who we are

We're just getting going
These are the great people who are helping us get there.

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Mark Jerzykowski


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James Holwell


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Alex Palmer


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George Seeger


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