The Rapport Client Experience

Onboard your clients to their own personal space, keeping them engaged between meetings and in control of their development.


  • Calendar
  • Book a meeting
  • Messaging
  • Documents
  • Journal
  • Payments
A screenshot of the file browser in the Rapport app
A screenshot of the file browser in the Rapport app
A screenshot of the file browser in the Rapport app
A screenshot of the file browser in the Rapport app
Rapport client app meetings schedule
View their schedule

Clients can see upcoming meetings, join the meeting directly (if online) and also look back over past meetings.

Respond to requests

Organising meeting times is now easier, as you can schedule the meeting and let your client find a time that suits you and them.

Let clients book directly

Open up your calendar to your clients so that they can book meetings when convenient for them, all through the app.

Automated reminders

Clients get reminded of meetings automatically and can easily postpone or cancel straight from the app.

Mobile (or desktop) messaging built in

  • In-app messaging

    Send messages to your clients inside Rapport, let them message you back any time via their app.

  • Push notifications

    Messages are pushed to your client whether they're in the app or not

  • Read receipts as standard

    Be shown when your client has seen the message you've sent

Rapport client app messaging
Rapport client app journal

More than just admin

Rapport comes with an in-built journal, enabling your clients to take down notes anytime.

It allows them to keep track of their thoughts and mood. They can share those thoughts with you directly in the app or just keep them private to run-through later.

Clients also get access to documents, images or videos that you share with them as part of your ongoing engagement.

You can upload all of your files to the app and then decide, using permissions, which of your clients can see each document or directory.

Card payments

Enable clients to pay by card, Apple Pay or Android pay straight from the app.

Bank transfers

Provide bank account details so that your clients can pay you by bank transfer if that's what you would prefer.

Access to documents

Invoice and receipt documents are generated automatically and provided to your clients

Someone else paying?

Either specify a different payer when creating the invoice or your client can send the payment link to somebody else to pay.

Rapport payment using Google Pay

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