Communication is a big part of Rapport

With automated reminders, emails and two-way messaging keeping your clients informed is simple


  • Two way messaging
  • Automated reminders
  • Video chat
  • Journal sharing
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Mobile (or desktop) messaging built in

  • In-app messaging

    Send messages to your clients inside Rapport, let them message you back any time via their app.

  • Push notifications

    Messages are pushed to your client whether they're in the app or not

  • Read receipts as standard

    Be shown when your client has seen the message you've sent

Rapport client app messaging
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Video chat built on the cloud that works across mobile and desktop

Our video chat is optimised for 1 to 1 meetings. Control from the desktop or laptop, as the meeting host, and get reliable performance for your clients on their mobile device.

Disable your camera, mute your audio and blur your background at any point during the call.

Screensharing lets you share your entire desktop or a single application between you and your client.

Automated reminders

From calendar entries with alerts to automated email reminders ahead of meetings, Rapport keeps your clients up to date.

Combined with messaging, the likelihood and impact of no-shows is greatly reduced.

Want your Rapport calendar alongside another calendar? Subscribe to your Rapport calendar from most mobile and desktop apps.

An example email from Rapport for scheduling a meeting

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