Welcome to the Docs

Welcome to the Rapport documentation. You should be able to find everything here in order to make your use of Rapport amazing. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us, we would be delighted to help.


Here you will get an overview of Rapport, learn about how to sign up as well as the basics. From here you will be able to further explore the rest of the documentation

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Booking Page

Discover how to make the best use of your booking page.

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Invoicing & Payments

Learn how to set up invoicing, take card payments and accept bank transfers.

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Calendar & Scheduling

Find out how to schedule meetings, request confirmation from clients as well as allow them to request meetings straight into your calendar as well.

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Client Management

Learn about working with clients through Rapport, inviting them to Rapport, sending them messages, and keeping them happy.

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The Rapport App

Discover the Rapport App, learn how to set it up correctly and understand what features it provides for your clients.

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Manage your Materials

Learn how to upload materials and provide them to your clients.

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Online Meetings

In this section you can find information on the online meeting technology that Rapport provides

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