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The Rapport App

Through the Rapport App, your clients can schedule meetings, communicate with you, make payments, and more.


You can customise your client portal home page by clicking on the settings tab in the menu , then under Rapport App click Logo and Intro . From here, you can upload a custom logo for your business (replacing the Rapport logo in the Client App) and change the greeting on the home page.


You can preview the Rapport App by clicking on the settings tab in the menu , then under Rapport App click Preview .

The preview lets you see what your clients will see when they log in, and provides edit buttons for parts you can customise.

Rapport App preview

Rapport App Home Page

When a client logs into the Rapport App, they will be greeted by the home page. The client can go to the home page at any point by clicking the logo in the top left.

You can customise the introduction text shown on the home page (see Customisation section above), which may be useful for sharing important information with all clients.


The Meetings tab will help your client manage their meetings. They will be able to request a meeting with you, accept or reject incoming meeting requests, and see information for all meetings - upcoming, previous or cancelled.


Your client will be able to message you and see your conversation history through the Messages tab.

When you send a message to your client, they will be alerted via a notification and/or email.


You can share materials with your client, which can be downloaded through the Materials tab. For help uploading materials and letting your clients access them, see Managing your materials


The Journal is your client's place to note down their thoughts, along with a mood indicator to show how they feel. Your client can then share any individual journal entries with you if they wish.


The Payments tab is where your client can make and manage their payments.

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