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Manage your Materials

With Rapport, you can provide materials for your clients, which they can access quickly and easily from the Rapport app. You may use the materials manager to distribute materials to your clients in any way you see fit, but please refrain from doing anything unlawful or violating our terms & conditions.

To begin setting up materials, click the Materials tab in the menu

You'll want to start by creating some folders, then uploading some files, and finally giving your clients permission to access those files & folders.

Add folders & files

Your materials will be easiest to manage if you set up a good folder structure now. To create a new folder, click the New Folder button , click the new folder to select it, and click it again to rename. If you're unsure where to start, try creating folders based on topics to cover, level of competence, or any other distinct properties which work for you.

To upload a file, first click the Upload button . From here, you can browse for files on your device. Alternatively, you can drag and drop files into the materials manager at any time, or you can paste something from your clipboard using the Paste button .

Give clients access

Once you've created some folders and uploaded files, you can give your clients access to any given files or folders. If you give a client access to a specific file, then they will only be able to see that file. But if you let them access a folder, they will have access to all items in that folder, including any folders or files you add in the future.

To set up & view permissions, navigate to a folder or select a file or folder in the materials manager, then click the Manage Permissions button . The permissions manager shows lists of existing permissions - explicit permission for this particular item and inherited permissions from its containing folder.

To give a client access, click the Add client button then search for & select a client using the the Search for client input and click Add .

To revoke a client's access, click the delete button next to their name. They will no longer be able to access that file/folder or its contents.

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