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Online Meetings

Rapport provides 1-to-1 video meeting spaces, where you can talk securely with your clients. We've packed the meeting rooms with great features for a range of potential services, including:

  • Sketch your thoughts by creating whiteboards with a variety of tools and multi-user editing
  • Share notes in the rich text chat
  • Full resolution screen sharing
  • Secure connections using Twilio
  • A straightforward invitation system where nobody gets in without your permission

Rapport's meeting rooms are free for you to use whenever you need. You may primarily hold your meetings somewhere else, such as your own office or home, but you can provide the option to your client and can switch to an online meeting at the last minute if you need! See Managing your meetings for help changing your meeting location.

Getting started: as a host

First, you'll want to go to the meeting room - you can get there via a button on the dashboard, in the meeting editor and various other places in Rapport. You'll also be alerted via email shortly before the meeting starts.

Follow one of those links and you'll be brought to your meeting room lobby. It will show a preview of your webcam, let you disable your webcam or microphone, and gives you the option to either setup the room or get started now!

Setting up your meeting room

If you'd like to set your meeting room up before your client gets here, click the Setup button from the lobby . You can use all of the features of the meeting room during setup, and any clients in the lobby will be asked to wait.

When you've finished setting up, click the Start Meeting button at the bottom to let your client in.

Getting started: as a participant

Your clients will join the meeting in a similar way - they will receive an invitation from Rapport on your behalf, via push notification or email. Alternatively, they can go into the client portal where they will be prompted to join any imminent meetings. Your client just needs to follow any of these links, request to join from the lobby and wait for you to let them in!


The chat is individual to the meeting you're in, so it will not show up in your message history between you and your client. It is essential for providing notes, links, etc. and as a backup in case someone is unable to communicate using video or voice. To show or hide the chat, click the Show Chat button in the bottom right. The chat panel will be shonw on the left side of the screen, with the chat history at the top and a box to type your message at the bottom.

You can type in the chat as normal, or you can add some formatting by switching to the full editor with the Switch to full editor button .

Note: Press Enter on your keyboard to send a message, or press Shift + Enter together to insert a new line.


The whiteboard can be used to share your thoughts with your client, work through problems together and sketch out ideas.

To view your whiteboards, click the Show Whiteboard button in the bottom right.


There are a variety of controls available to edit the whiteboard, which should mostly be familiar:

  • Draw freehand with the pencil tool
  • The pointer tool lets you move things around and resize
  • You can add text with the text tool
  • Add formatted formulae with the formula tool
  • Show graphs from functions with the graph tool
  • Add lines, ellipses and rectangles with the shape tools
  • Change the colour of any drawing tools with the colour picker
  • Upload images to the whiteboard with the image browser
  • Undo and redo will let you backtrack to a previous state and fast forward again

Whiteboard editing tools

Using multiple whiteboards

To create another whiteboard, press the "plus" button under the whiteboard controls. To view a different whiteboard, click the number of the whiteboard you'd like to view.

Whiteboard selection panel

Share your screen

The Share Screen button in the bottom right lets you share your screen. You'll be presented with options to share either your entire screen or a specific window.

Rapport will begin sharing your screen using your browser - when you'd like to stop sharing your screen or change any settings, your browser should provide controls to do so.

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