Share learning resources and files easily

Store them once, control access and easily share with your clients


  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Integrated with the Rapport app
  • Easy permission management
  • Sell access coming soon
A picture showing a filing system with documents in it
Cloud based storage

All of your files are stored securely in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Upload them once and take them everywhere.

Drag and drop

A web based file editor, like you already know, lets you drag and drop whole folders, easily rename and move them.

Easy sharing

Grant access to entire folders or just a file a time for each of your users. Upload new files in to an existing folder and the permissions are inherited.

Sell access
coming soon

With granular access controls you can sell access to certain learning resources alongside your normal job.

A screenshot of the file editor functionality inside Rapport

Integrated with the Rapport app

  • Simple navigation

    Files are presented to your clients in a logical way, regardless of how you structure them on your side

  • Upload anything

    Upload files, PDFs, word documents as well as audio and video.

  • Automatic anti-virus and malware detection

    Rapport scans every file uploaded using cutting edge antivirus and malware protection software, before letting your clients have access.

A screenshot of the file browser in the Rapport app

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