A personal journal for all your clients

As part of the Rapport app, your clients get access to their own personal journal.


  • Unlimited entries
  • Track their mood
  • Markdown based editor
  • Share with you coming soon
A woman looking thoughtful while leaning out of a car window
A screenshot of the journal within the Rapport app

Integrated with the Rapport app

  • Always in their pocket

    Provided through the Rapport app means that your clients can always write down their thoughts as they come to them

  • Track their mood

    Simple emoticon based mood tracking lets your clients record and visualise how they are feeling over time

  • Markdown based editor

    Markdown is an easy to use text format which lets people write structured journal entries easily

Private by default

By default, the journal is a private tool just for your clients to use while they're in-between sessions with you. They're entries are personal to them and you are unable to view them.

Share on demand

Although the journal is private by default, there will be times when your clients want to share their thoughts with you. They're able to share specific journal entries with you, when they want from inside the app.

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