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Never miss a payment, let your clients pay how and when they want without having to chase


  • Accept all major cards
  • Apple and Android Pay
  • Reporting and documents
  • Bank transfers
  • Invoice creation
  • Automatic scheduling
A woman making a payment through her phone

Integrated with the Rapport app

  • Payments how they (and you) want

    Cards, Apple and Android pay as well as bank transfers, that you can turn on and off to suit your clients

  • Ask others to pay

    Easily send payment links to parents or billing departments instead of your client (they can do this too)

  • Documentation

    Invoices and receipts are created automatically and can be accessed by your clients directly

A screenshot of paying with Google Pay through the Rapport app

Our fees for processing

With Rapport, you only pay a payment processing fee when you process a card payment. There is no set up fee and no ongoing monthly fee.

Standard fees

Rapport uses Stripe to get you paid quickly and keep your personal and payment information secure. Thousands of companies around the world trust Stripe to process payments for their users.

Our transaction fees are based on the underlying Stripe transaction fee. That means when the underlying fee is low so is yours, we don't set a single commission and make bumper profit when the Stripe fee is low.

Transaction fees from Stripe are based on the payment method, any currency conversions and if the card is international. For more details on the underlying fees please see Stripe's pricing page.

Our additional fee covers our transaction costs and the cost from Stripe to pay out your money in to your bank account

Pro & Team

from 4.0% + 30¢

(Stripe + 1.1% per transaction)


from 5.0% + 30¢

(Stripe + 2.1% per transaction)

Bank transfers

manual, so Free

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